Monday, December 29, 2014

Songs From the Road

While on the road near Twisp, WA, I was continually impressed by the programming on the local radio station, KTRT - The Root. It may have been the the hyper-engaged state elicited from being in a new place, but the station seemed to consistently play the right song at the right time.  Now, it was the sole radio station within reception and I only listened on the few trips I'd take to town. Once or twice a day for a few minutes, but I Shazamed more songs in six weeks than ever before. Many songs were unrecognized by the app.

KTRT Membership CardI heard there was only one d.j., but after checking out their website, it looks like there are quite a few  The commentary between songs was comedic and devoid of celebrity gossip.  It was refreshing not to hear a top 40 song for six weeks or of the ever-so-important lives of celebrities. They ceased to exist in this world. 1,300 miles away from Hollywood and worlds away from relevance.

I've included a playlist below as well as an image taken while cruising and listening to these tunes. With songs from Gary Clark Jr., Ottis Redding, and Etta James, the mix is heavy on blues, but listen also for world, folk, and electronic tracks.

This is the only track I could not find on Delhi 2 Dublin Remixed  ----------------------------->

KTRT - The Root, representin'!

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